The Shortest Newsletter On The Planet for personal and professional development has been created for people like you and me!

Nobody has time in abundance - so we're not going to waste yours! 

We have set out to create a way through which you - slowly but steadily over time - can work on your personal and professional development, without overloading our subscribers with too much detail, irrelevant filler content, ads etc...

 So we decided to create a monthly email newsletter, that is short, to the point, and only contains 2 pieces of content:

📍One inspiring thought for you to reflect upon

📍One professional or personal development challenge for you to practice and get great at

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That's it! No ads, no fuzz, yet useful and thought provoking. Don't miss it! It's entirely free of charge (of course). 

What subscribers have been saying about our newsletter:

"Your newsletter was greatly appreciated! The thought of this month was extremely powerful and should be written on the walls of the most popular buildings in the world. 🤣 The challenge was well-thought and really useful." 


 "The topic is interesting and made me curious to try it. I will use it on my first occasion" And that's all we want for you: to find it inspiring and useful and to make you curious to try and learn new things!

And that's all we wanted to achieve for you: to create something that is both useful and thought provoking, and that you can really work with easily - despite your days being always busy!