Ana-Maria Garbea

Bio Ana-Maria Garbea

Ana Garbea is a leadership coach, trainer and HR consultant. Ana brings a variety of organizational change and development skills for companies, including developing effective employees and teams, enhancing the impact of leaders, and building constructive cultures. She brings extensive experience in the following areas:

Leadership & Coaching: 

18 years of cultural competence - working with people across different geographies and cultures

Experience in working with senior management focusing on culture change within the organization.

Performance oriented leadership through people development and teamwork


Selected specialties - in addition to 1:1 leadership coaching: 

Mindfulness and stress management: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction coaching and training to increase performance and wellbeing at work

Mental Fitness for leaders and teams 

Inclusive Leadership Culture / Inclusive Leadership Development 

Organizational Diagnosis, Development Instruments and transformational organizational change. 


Business Background:

  HR management and strategy for international IT companies, including leadership coaching

   Leadership in organizational development projects across different companies and industries


Ana has a long-term business background in HR, Learning & Development and Banking. 

With personal dedication and the ability to energize any team or discussion, Ana encourages others to bring out their best possible selves. She helps companies develop effective leaders, innovative teams and positive workplace cultures through a wide range of skills and instruments. Overall, a driven, inclusive, empathic and inspiring coach and mentor.