First-Time Manager Fast Track Program

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Being a manager is no easy job!

One of the most difficult moments is when a freshly baked manager is confronted with the fact that their idea of the life of a manager is not at all what they thought it would be:


What got you there won't get you further

Usually, first-time managers are promoted from within the organization. The best sales person, the best business analyst, the best developer is being put into a position to lead a team, in the hope that they will be able to make everyone else as good as they have been, as an individual contributor.

But that is not what will create success once they become a managers. Here is how the success factors are changing:

 Easier said than done

The 'perfect leader' has to be able to master the flexible use of several character traits and behaviors. First-time managers are often overwhelmed with what is expected from them (and ideally from day 1 - which is unrealistic).

Our Fast Track Program is right for you if:

  • Individual contributors recently got promoted to manager
  • The business is under high pressure to achieve difficult targets quickly
  • Loss of staff caused by troubled leadership is too risky and costly
  • You will be seen as partly responsible for the new manager’s performance
  • Their managers are not exactly role-models, or have no time to coach, or high expectations
  • It’s clear the new manager lacks key leadership skills
  • You can already foresee that the new manager needs help
  • You really want to set up the manager for success!


There's only one good way to fast-track a new manager into their role!

Instead of sending managers on a standard "manager essentials" training program, taking them out of the job, and then being disappointed that so little will be put into practice afterwards, we thought there has to be a better way.

Real development happens with 20% Insight and 80% Practice and Support!

Therefore, our fast-track program has all these components, PLUS it is highly customized to meet the precise development needs of the new manager and its organization.

Leadership Skills Self-Assessment

Using our free-to-use (for now) leadership self-assessment tool, we establish a baseline of the currently available leadership character traits and leadership behaviours. 

Together with the coachee and their manager of HR Business Partner we agree on the key set of skills that need to be developed first!

Why this approach? Because everyone is different and comes with a completely different set of previously available leadership skills development needs!

 Results that matter in 3 weeks

And here is how our approach works. Our standard offering is either a 3-week or a 7-week engagement, that drives insight, experiential learning and coaching in one integrated package. This way we ensure maximum speed of development and maximum lasting impact:

So in summary...

  • Structured, experiential, guided skill-building
  • Managers learn on the job, versus taking them out of the business for training
  • Highly contextual to your company’s needs and priorities
  • High-impact fast-track with a rapid ROI
  • A strategic approach to setting up mangers for success

What now?

We suggest you...

  1. Try our Self-Assessment Tool
  2. Contact us if you want to know more