Free Executive Presence Self-Assessment - Test Your Executive Presence

Test Your Executive Presence  

Free-of-charge Executive Presence Self-Assessment

How are you ranking in your day-to-day use of Executive Presence? Try out our quick self-assessment below.

What will you get?

There are 24 questions for you to consider and self-rate. Based on your answer, you will fall into one of the following 4 ranges:

* "Oh, well..."
* "Developing Executive Presence"
* "Good Executive Presence
* "Strong Executive Presence

... followed by a few tips - based on your level - that are designed to help you progress further.

Self-Awareness and honesty are two aspects that are vital to this EQ self-assessment!

By the nature of a self-assessment, you will only get useful results when you deploy your highest degree of self-awareness and honesty, as you answer these questions. It's easy and tempting to give ourselves high marks where it's not truly warranted, but how would that be serving you?

How your unconscious bias may get in the way of your most truthful result

The term "unconscious" already implies that we may be judging ourselves or others without knowing. Which is exactly why adding different perspectives to our self-assessment can be so powerful.

Especially when it comes to Executive Presence, there is a strong emphasis on  "what you 'telegraph' to the people around you". If that signal is not received and perceived by others as being "executive", you still have work to do.

Therefore, we recommend that you pick a handful of other people to run the same Executive Presence assessment, but with YOU in mind, and then share the results back to you.

This way, you get a more realistic view on how your own ranking is actually perceived by the people around you!

Yes, asking others for their truthful observations about you requires courage! 

Courage is a key character trait of any great leader, so you might as well test and train this trait right now and invite others to help assess yourself.

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