Mioara-Adriana Bolozan

Bio Mioara-Adriana Bolozan

Mioara is an experienced professional working with large and very international teams over her 20+ years of career.

After having performed in international senior leadership positions for one decade herself, and a continuous learning on the topic of leadership Mioara brings a wealth of experience in the following areas:


Leadership & Coaching:

  +15  years of daily, impactful on-the-job coaching and mentoring

  Cultural intelligence, leading and developing associates in international environments;

  Transforming teams in different stages of their cycle to accelerate performance


Selected specialties - in addition to 1:1 leadership coaching:

  Resilience for leaders driven from self awareness and strengths focus

  Team coaching - accelerate team coherence and performance;

  Value driven Leadership Culture / Inclusive Leadership  through embracing authenticity


Business background:

Based on extensive first-hand experience in developing other leaders in various degrees of seniority and creating highly productive teams in an international environment, Mioara can contribute to creating a very alive and thriving culture that celebrates authenticity of each member and team(s)’ cooperation as main ingredients for thriving business and human potential results.

Web: www.bluehorizontraining.ro 

Email: office@bluehorizontraining.ro 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mioara-adriana-bolozan-a362641/