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The total costs from workplace conflict have amounted to an annual £28.5bn annually - just in UK! 

When we dig deeper into what this staggering cost is actually made of, we see it is a mix of recruiting replacements from people quitting their job (or being dismissed) as a consequence of conflict, time off as sickness to recover from stress, anxiety or depression, significant drops in motivation and productivity ('presenteism') for those who stay despite conflict in the workplace, disciplinary cases, formal grievance processes, the cost of management dealing with litigations, legal fees and penalties.

Large scale research from the "Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service", an independent public body in the UK, is demonstrating the following three findings:

1. 'Conflict Competence' is an essential ingredient in good management and it has a positive impact on organizational effectiveness and performance.

2. There is a critical time to intervene: This is before conflict reaches formal workplace procedures, since at this point there is a greater likelihood of resignations, presenteism and sickness absence.

3. While conflict can be very bad an damaging to people and the business, it can also result in creative improvements, in asking the right questions and challenging prevailing ways and standards, providing us with the opportunity to create fairer and more inclusive workplaces.

“Furthermore, where conflict spiralled into formal procedures, costs were more than 3 times the costs associated with informal resolution.“

“Of those who did go through mediation, nearly three-quarters (74 per cent) said their conflict was fully or largely resolved.”

Addressing conflict early on therefore greatly reduces the risk of conflict spiralling out of control, and thereby saving the much, much greater cost to the business, ranging from 'presenteism', to sick leave, all the way to resignations or dismissals.

Conflict Mediation & Resolution Training Program with Blue Horizon Training

Whether it is your HR business partners who need to acquire conflict Mediation skills, or whether you are planning to establish a broader Conflict Mediation practice in your company, we are ready to scale our program to your needs!

With our Conflict Mediation & Resolution Program you will:

1. Understand and practice a selection of mediation tools that Managers or HR Business Partners can use to de-escalate conflict

2. Be trained to help find solutions and therefore put conflict back onto a path towards informal resolution. 

3. Explore and practice powerful techniques you can use for managing conversations in an existing conflict, using real case studies.

4.  Practice key coaching techniques to help conflict parties to reframe situations and offer new perspectives.

Your conflicts. Your resolutions.

Practice based on the conflict that YOU encounter at YOUR workplace

In preparation of our trainings and workshops, we work together with our clients to make any exercise highly relevant and contextual to your actual work environment.

Taking real-world conflict scenarios from YOUR workplace, instead of generic conflict scenarios, drives a high degree of engagement, making the learning experience much more visceral.

Conflict Competence through highly experiential training

Twenty Percent Insights, Eighty Percent Practice

For maximum impact, we give preference to experiential learning by adding exercises, practice and discussions to every bit of theory.

1. Understanding and defining conflict

2. Identifying basic needs, resources and values as core origins of conflict

3. Identifying positions, interest and needs in every conflict scenario

4. Practicing a 6-step conflict resolution model

5. Resolving conflict between parties

6. Group practice simulations and role-plays