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We fully understand that each company, each team and each leader, requires engagements tailored to their specific needs. All of our engagements are customizable to your needs



Our Signature Offerings

Conflict Mediation & Resolution

The total cost of conflict at work is staggeringly high. Conflict Mediation can reduce up to 74% of this cost of conflict. Through our highly experiential workshops, we empower you to acquire true Conflict Mediation & Resolution competence


Team Coaching

If your teams struggle with trust, conflict, commitment, accountability or focus on results, both the business as well as associates suffer the consequences. Blue Horizon Training helps "people who work together" become "people who trust each other" in highly performant teams

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Individual Leadership Coaching

Whether it's making the transition from manager to leader, or helping you master the particular challenges that come with an executive position, our coaching engagements are tailored to your needs

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First-Time Manager Program

Our unique, high-impact fast track program for new managers, that combines insight with practice and coaching, without ever requiring managers to be taken off the job


Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

In today's fast-paced business environment, companies are recognizing that having a high-performing team of leaders is crucial to achieving success. However, technical skills alone are no longer enough. Leaders who are emotionally intelligent have a significant advantage in building relationships, motivating teams, and achieving business objectives. This is where emotional intelligence training comes in.


Developing Executive Presence

Great leaders work deliberately to achieve a degree of Influence and Impact on people and the organization, that generates employee engagement, enthusiasm, innovation, and better business outcomes. We influence effortlessly and inspire others to act at their best!

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Answering popular questions

Guide to most frequently asked questions about leadership

What makes a great leader? What are the qualities of a transformational leader? How leaders build trust? How to handle failure as a leader? We have compiled answer to these any many more popular questions about leadership in this article.

See What Others Have To Say About Our Work

I would like to highly recommend Frank as a deep, thoughtful, sensitive and impactful coach. Frank has a great ability to capture the essence of the challenge, helping me as a client to see the path to possible solutions. The whole experience was natural and authentic, during which I felt support and care, but more importantly - I was impressed with the result in a very short time-frame

Marina Vyshegorodskikh - Advisory Board Member

If you’re feeling stuck or lacking confidence with respect to business, I highly recommend a consult with Frank. Your only regret will be that you didn’t reach out to him sooner!

Catalin Matei, CEO

Frank has the unique ability to listen to a dialogue and formulate the key question which needs to be asked, empowering people to come up with their own answers/solutions. Often this causes people to stop and think differently; to adjust their mindset and approach the problem from a different direction.

Kevin Bland - Director

Frank are o abilitate innascuta de a sti exact unde te afli si de a comunica eficient si productiv cu tine. Colaboarea cu Frank a fost usoara, dar provocatoare in acelasi timp, bazata pe dorinta lui autentica de a-i ajuta pe cei cu care lucreaza sa-si atinga potentialul maxim.

Cornelia Grofu - Head of Department

His ability to listen combined with his motivational skills makes him an empathic whilst likeable leader with great coaching skills.

Rainer Liedtke - VP


There is more!

As much as leadership development is essential, we also provide

Some of Our Signature Trainings

The Art of Giving & Receiving Feedback

Learn how to give constructive feedback that is effective. You will also learn how to develop a growth mindset for looking at receiving feedback as a gift. A game changer for teams riddled by conflict!

Influencing Skills

Learn how to get something you need from someone, without having the authority to demand anything from them. An invaluable skill to have for anyone

Problem Solving

Learn how by turning problems into challenges, and using proven tools to collectively find the best solutions, is forever going to change the way your teams are working together


You are probably just like us, when it comes to making choices:

Recommendations from people we trust are 100 x more believable than anything we would read on the internet or in a corporate brochure. 

So if you believe you would benefit from any of the offerings on our website, we will try to connect you with one of our clients, so you can hear first-hand from someone who already had experiences with our work.

All you have to do is to contact us and ask.