About Blue Horizon Training

Blue Horizon Training is your leadership consulting and coaching partner

Powered by a group of accomplished trainers & coaches with plenty of 'on-the-job' leadership experience in the economy


We help businesses to create a thriving leadership culture that is designed to increase employee engagement and to drive better business results

About the company:

Blue Horizon training SRL was founded in 2020 in Bucharest, Romania, and is lead by Frank Basinski.

As coaches, we establish trusted connections, helping people build on their talents and strengths and developing their abilities. As trainers and facilitators, we offers a selected, high-impact portfolio of trainings around key skills, which unlock the full potential of leaders and associates - the most valuable asset of any winning company in the 21st century.

How we're different 

Our clients consistently confirm, that our main differentiator precisely addresses their biggest concerns about investing in coaching, and it that is coming from two angles:

  • They wish the coach or training facilitator was intimately familiar with the subject from a point of first-hand experience

  • Past coaching investments only seemed to have an effect while the coach was still present. Once the coaching engagement ended, coachees quickly fell back into previous behaviours

And here is how Blue Horizon Training is different: 

  • We only coach and train based on extensive first-hand experience in developing leaders at various degrees of seniority and creating highly productive teams in international corporations

  • We pride ourselves on our unique ability to encourage others to act, and to strengthen their self-command and mental fitness to overcome their limits

In our experience, both of the above points are essential ingredients for top-of-the-line coaching and training outcomes.

With Blue Horizon Training, you can be sure that we truly know what we are talking about, and that your leaders and team will start using what they have learned from a place of confidence and a calm, clear-headed mindset. 
We won't be satisfied with anything less 

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