Individual Leadership Coaching


There is no top athlete in the world who isn’t working with coaches. And leaders benefit from it just as much 

“The best advice I ever got? Get a coach!”

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google

What Coaching Does For You

Coaching helps uncover blind spots, strengthen leadership skills, and change behaviours that can directly impact business results. Leadership coaching helps support and grow leaders, especially as they transition into new roles or prepare to take on more responsibilities.  Whether from individual contributor to first-time manger, or from director to executive - making upwards career moves can be like stepping into the unknown, with new and higher expectations on our ability to lead. And no surprise: with each leadership level the stakes get higher and higher.

Leadership coaching with Blue Horizon Training means to have accomplished, senior leadership experts as coaches by your side to help you to: 

  •  Successfully navigate the new challenges that await 

  •  Acquire necessary insights for the new leadership level 

  • Build the mental strength to master any leadership challenge with excellence 

  • Achieve the results you need to drive through exemplary leadership

  •   Consciously create your own unique leadership brand 

  •   Inspire and drive employee engagement 


"If you’re feeling stuck or lacking confidence with respect to business, I highly recommend a consultation with Frank. Your only regret will be that you didn’t reach out to him sooner!"



If your desired outcome from providing leadership coaching to your managers and executives is the emergence of fully capable leaders, who are able to help your company thrive, using a modern and diverse leadership toolkit that drives employee engagement and business results, then Blue Horizon Training is your perfect partner. 
Leaders coached by Blue Horizon Training will emerge from our coaching with the executive skills, mindset and behaviours required to lead both business and people with confidence, calm and ease. 


We understand the course of the leadership journey, from first-time team leader to being invited into the executive leadership team.  As a first time team leader or manager, your challenge does no lie in determining the path of the company into the future or bigger organizational challenges. At the same time, if your next position is going to be that of a director, VP, or GM, the complexity and far-reach of the leadership dimension of your job increases to cover completely different challenges.

Blue Horizon coaches your managers to deal with the challenges of their current position in the organization. In addition, we prepare them with everything they need, in order to get ready for a higher leadership responsibility. We have laid out a general overview about how we differentiate between different “phases” of a leadership career here. In any case, we’ll work with you ahead of every coaching job to define the needs of a particular coachee. 


Leadership development shouldn’t end when participants finish their coursework. Ensure the valuable lessons learned will be remembered, applied, and internalized in the months following the program with integrated coaching and leadership training. Reinforce and reaffirm skills, motivate your leaders, and speed the adoption of new habits. Multiply the return on your investment in leadership development by increasing the likelihood of sustainable behaviour change and improving performance.


At the end of the day, the reason why you invest in coaching your company’s leaders (or yourself as a leader), is to accelerate becoming their best selves as leaders, and through that, to achieve the business outcomes required.  

 There is a reason why many football coaches and trainers have been players themselves at some point before in their life. It enables them to truly understand the particular challenges their coachees are confronted with - inside and outside the game. It allows them to speak their language and to connect on a basis of mutual respect and trust. They know all the pitfalls, the mental challenges, self-doubts, but also the tactics, strategies and tools required to best meet a particular situation.

 “General purpose” coaches without their own leadership experience can only resort to supporting the development of a leader by asking so called powerful questions, to hold up a mirror to the coachee and help them reflect and find their own way forward. This is without a doubt incredibly useful in itself! But it can get even better: By partnering with Blue Horizon Training coaches you get both instant rapport & credibility because of our leadership background, as well as trust as change catalyst through coaching.  This aspect is what has consistently been rated as highly valuable by all of our coaching clients!