Signature Engagement: Developing Executive Presence


What is Executive Presence

Executive presence is the result of the skilful mastery and combination of 6 distinct characteristics of a leader:

The first three build our degree of INFLUENCE:

🔷 Confidence

🔷 Connection

🔷 Competence

The second three determine our degree of IMPACT:

🔷 Communication

🔷 Charisma

🔷 Credibility

Great leaders work on all 6 characteristic deliberately over time, and achieve a degree of Influence and Impact on people and the organization, that generates employee engagement, enthusiasm, innovation, and better business outcomes.

They rarely have to use positional authority at all, and attract and retain the best talent.

At high levels of Executive Presence, we manage to combine all 6 characteristics, depending on what the situation requires from us as leaders. We influence effortlessly and inspire others to act at their best!



What happens in our Executive Presence Training:

Workshop participants learn how to deliberately build out the 6 C's of Executive Presence. The group will discover through exercises, group feedback and discussion, how they can advance their degree of presence through growing their command of Confidence, Connection, Competence, Charisma, Communication and Credibility.


Through the following 3 factors, we build the influence skills that lay the foundation for our Executive Presence. While we cannot "decide" to have confidence over night, nor can we "decide" to have a strong network of influence the next day, we can begin to learn, internalize and exercise these skills and factors over time.

In our training, we assess where we stand and build our personal plan on how we will be accelerating the growth our confidence, connection and competence in deliberate steps.


  • Review of self-esteem and self-perception (requires some pre-work)


  • Relationship Management: conflict management, influencing, coach & mentor, teamwork, inspirational leadership


  • Social Awareness: Self- and peer review of networking skills and organizational navigation skills



While the previous 3 factors lay the foundation for grand Executive Presence, our Communication, Charisma and Credibility are the external factors that we use deliberately to have a true Impact on our environment.

In our training, we will run through several exercise that are designed to significantly improve the Impact of our appearance.


  • Active listening practice
  • Body language & public speaking practice


  • Self- and peer reviews of participant's personal brand & reputation
  • Discovering and defining our leadership signature


  • Honing Attitude, Energy and Gravitas 


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