Leadership Journeys

Ten different leaders will have ten different leadership journeys, but...

Every leadership journey is highly individual, however on a high level, Blue Horizon Training differentiates between four stages. For each of these career stages, different and typical leadership challenges await

📗 Aspiring Manager and first-year managers

In this stage, managers are in the process of discovering that the skills that got them to this point are insufficient for the new challenge of having to manage people.

The key questions here are: How do I grow into this role? How can I become a better communicator? How do I use influence to complement my positional authority inside my direct team?

📒 Managers and Senior Managers

More seasoned managers have realized that the kind of business challenges that they are confronted with cannot be solved by themselves alone. The complexity of their job requires them to manage not only their team, but also sideways with other departments.

Their key leadership questions are: How do I manage outcomes with people who do not report into me? How do I create a team climate that attracts and retains talent? How do I balance the expectations on me from up and down the hierarchy?

📕 Directors and Vice Presidents

On a Director and VP level, the expectations on their leadership capabilities have become significant. Managing whole parts of the business and being personally responsible for crucial goals on a business unit level make them realize, that it's no longer their personal know-how and subject matter expertise that is the main success factor, but disproportionally more important is their ability to inspire, create functional leader-teams, and to truly orchestrate the complexities of the business, by using the available manager/leader talent, with an eye on the big picture.

Their key leadership questions are: What are the truly important "big rocks"? Who do I entrust responsibility to execute? What can I do to pave the way? How to I create a functional leadership team? How can I be an inspirational leader to the entire unit?

📘 C-level executives

Leaders in a C-Level position obviously set the strategic direction - but in addition, as a modern leader, you also understand the importance of employee engagement:

Success = Talent x Engagement

Their key leadership questions are: How do I make choices and decisions in the face of rapid change and uncertainty to secure the companys future success? How do I make my organization purpose-driven and value-based? How do I know and complement my blind spots? What company culture do we need to create, so we can thrive, and how do we get there? How do I drive employee engagement to the highest possible level?

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