Frank Basinski

Bio - Frank Basinski


Frank is the founder and head of BLUE HORIZON TRAINING, a leadership consulting and coaching organization in Bucharest, Romania. 

After having performed in international senior leadership positions for two decades himself, Frank brings a wealth of experience in the following areas:

Leadership & Coaching:

  20 years of daily, impactful on-the-job coaching and mentoring

  Cultural intelligence, leading and developing associates from all over the world

  Development of high-performing and award winning international teams

Selected specialties - in addition to 1:1 leadership coaching:

  Team coaching - transforming underperforming, dysfunctional teams

  Mental Fitness for leaders

  Inclusive Leadership Culture / Inclusive Leadership Development

Business Background:

  Established programs for the recruitment, enablement and business development of over 4000 international IT business partners, who generated a business of over $500 mio annually

  Serial receiver of company performance awards, both for him personally as well as for his teams

  Leadership in multi-million dollar projects with global relevance and impact

Based on extensive first-hand experience in developing other leaders in various degrees of seniority and creating highly productive teams in international corporations, Frank helps businesses to create a thriving leadership culture that is designed to increase employee engagement and to drive  better business results.